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We are licensed and certified to perform complete roofing inspections. Our 10 point roof inspections include everything you need to know about the condition of your roof. We make sure every one of our inspections is done properly and thoroughly in order to give you a complete snapshot of your roof. There are a lot of inspections that are being done that aren’t covering all bases. We pride ourselves in providing the best roof inspections near you and have been doing them for over 25 years. We have a large crew of roofing professionals who know how to spot issues in your roof. Every single evaluation that we offer comes with a list of issues that is wrong with your roof along with a solution to fix it. If you’re in the middle of a real estate transaction and require a roof inspection make sure you give us a call so we can provide the buyer or seller a complete report. We will also estimate how much longer your current roof will last without replacing it so you know how much time you have left. We will also make recommendations on repairs that could be done such as sealing that can prolong the duration of your roof as well. Make sure you call Monmouth Roofing Company to do your professional inspection today!

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Roof Repair Versus Roof Replacement

According to national averages, the average cost of a roof repair costs range between $250 to $1,300. It is hard to tell you exactly how much your repair will cost you without having a complete inspection done by us. Monmouth Roofing Company is a large roofing company and we have the capabilities of fixing difficult or complex issues. We will not only help you make any repairs but also find the exact materials your current roof uses so it blends in correctly. Not every repair will be costly, if it is a small repair in most cases we can fix it on the same day for you. Don’t wait too long before calling us to fix your roof because a small repair can turn into a large repair if it continues to deteriorate. We have over hundreds of reviews on our roof repair services so make sure you take a look at them before hiring the anyone contractor to work on your home.

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